I had a most disturbing experience on one of the social Sites. I witnessed first hand two videos of pornography that was accidentally sent by a current high ranking government official. Or was it  an accident?

 In communicating my dismay regarding the videos, the Spirit spoke:

 "Calamities are and will come. Ghana have rejected those  who have been sent to bring them into light.  The army worm is only the beginning.

 IAM is going to bring all those dark secrets into the light. Watch and see how these warped perverted governments and religious leaders are going to fall.

 The world needs Africa but in coming against My people,  in  doing harm attempting to destroy  the Ancients of  Days royal seed,  just like the Pharaoh thought he cursed Israel's firstborn,  they have cursed themselves."

The things coming upon this world are not going to be nice.  Mother Earth (Gaia) is preparing to shake from Her inner core to ride Herself of all discrepancies and those out of sync with Her. 

You see,  Africa is the second largest Continent in the World She has the only free land mass available to relieve the projected world overcrowding that is expected to grow exponentially by the year 2020.  

China is the largest Continent, however it is overpopulated. Russia is the largest country in area. The only other available land mass is the Amazon rain forest, which is protected. 

Why is this important?  Merely because it is relevant to the 'calamities' coming upon Ghana, Africa and the World; the US Depopulation Agenda against third-world countries (National Security Memorandum 200) and  reasons other countries have a vested interest in Africa other than Her natural resources. This is why the increased attention of Africa with the USA is in  a competition race with China.

Everything is connected. Perhaps one can see why the US was intent on sticking their nose in Russia's business. Another side-bar is we can surmise why Mr. Trumps collaboration with Russia is. However, I cannot figure out what Mr. Putin's agenda of partnership is with Mr. Trump. Particularly, since Russia is well aware of the Ancients of Days--Africa's Ancestors as with the entities of the 'controlling fraction' of the elite.

The entire World will experience catastrophic events; some countries are already feeling the effects of the anomalies in the earth’s atmosphere. These anomalies are in the forms of tsunamis, earthquakes, tidal waves, falling comets and space debris along with other notable atmospheric and 'earthy' changes. 

The World is in deep dodo unless they repent. Ghana is in deep dodo unless they repent.  We must stop polluting and destroying the earth. We must   stop the wars, contention and strife and without a doubt stop killing the Ancestors progeny.

Ghana has been set-apart and chosen as the hub of Restoration for the entire Continent and the Ancients of Days is no longer overlooking governments or religious leaders folly.  I will leave you with this Second Chronicle (7:14) from the bible:

“If I restrain the heavens to not rain; or if I misvah (command) the locusts to devour the land; or if I send pestilence among My people; if My people, on whom My Name (Yah Huda) is called humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways; then I hear from the heavens and forgive their sin and heal their land”. Catch the vision!
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