Received  on 23July2016

" Calamity, calamity, calamity is coming to Accra. She has rejected My Word, She has rejected Me, She has rejected My prophet's sent to Her. She has traveled but not delivered. She is destitute but has not received favor because of Her rebellion. Her people are greedy; Her prophets lie. They have no clue of truth. Their lips are far from praise. They acclaim to know Me but walk as if they have never heard of Me.

Woe unto Her. She is as filthy rags before Me. Her wounds are many. I have tried to dress Her and clean Her up to heal but She continue to constantly make it fester even more.

Calamity, calamity, calamity .
I will rain down upon Her the Vengeance they have taken against those who teach truth; those who tell of Me because they have rejected Me to follow their own hearts. Not one will escape My wrath.

Time and time again they pile insult upon insult, lies upon lies. I will come and their lies will unfold upon them. I will not repent for that I AM about to do, just as they have not repented but continue to turn from My Way.

They will plead for mercy. But there will be none. I will clean Her of Her false prophets who tell lies; those who preach and teach treachery. I will cause to become as Her open sewers. I will expose their nakedness, their adultries will be publicized as a beacon; their treacheries will be exposed, their lies will return upon them.

I AM come to bring light but they grope in darkness still satisfying their own adulterous hearts and desires. See wont I bring an end to their deceptions.

The time has come when I will no longer accept their repentance they caused me much pain their shame will come upon them like a world wind and all will know that I AM not in them. They build but not of Me. They pray but not to Me. They have caused my beloved to flaunt herself as prostitutes in the streets. They have no mercy and compassion for the poor. They strut about like proud peacocks but have nothing to show, nothing to give.

Accra, I have withdrawn myself from thee. You are a rebellious and evil people. You have not listened, you have not grown, you wallow in your pride and arrogance before My people. you have taken strange bedfellows among yourselves. You pretend, you laugh at the poor and destitute. You have no love for My people. You love yourselves only.

I will come swiftly. Recompense for recompense. I AM the Lord. I have spoken.

As given to Apostle Rubie James