A prophetic Word given 6August2016 in particular to Ghana

Calamity is the result of your greed and "double -dipping". From the government heads down , you call yourselves Christians and continue to act as heathens.

Now hear the words from YAH G-D Ghana. I have chosen Ghana that they may be the head and not the tail. That My glory would shine in you that all may come into the knowledge of restoration; to return to the Ways of the Ancients but you prostitute yourself.

You have caused My people to stray further from the Way and Truth that would set them free. You have profaned My Holy Name. You are far removed from Me. Turn from your wickedness. You have become so callous that what you do, you think is pleasing to Me.

Repent and return to Me and I will cause you to shine brighter than precious jewels. I AM the G-D but you worship yourself in your own greed. I will correct you. I will chastise you. You are offensive to Me but I long to take you under My wings, to make you a holy people unto Myself.

I will no longer look upon your atrocities. I will come. I will mete out judgement. Repent, I tell you. Your time has come. You can either desist from your folly and foolishness or received the blessings I long to Lavish upon you. The choice is yours. I have called, you have not answered.

Your hands are full of blood of My Chosen Ones of whom I have sent. I will come as a thief in the night. I will no longer turn My Face from your wrongs. I AM a Holy G-D, My people will be holy.
As given to Apostle Rubie James