Hotep Partners Shalom!

Namaste:  The god in me honors and salute the god in you, which is the HOPE of our Glory!

Now is the time for you to prosper in every aspect of your life.  Now is the time for you to produce the abundant blessings of fruitfulness in your life.  Now is the acceptable time.  No one has to succumb to the economic failures facing the nations.  You can have all the peace, success and good that you want right now! 

Are you ready to pursue the perfect plan and purpose for your life that was ordained from the foundations of the world?  Are you ready to develop the gifts and inherit the abundant life the Divine Creator  has granted to you?  Our meeting is not an accident!  Our paths crossing were not by happenstance!  I have been sent to place before you an opportunity to see your pathway clear that you may walk the highway to a brighter future!

Are you ready to move into your season? Many are past ready to move into their “now season”. Many have unknowingly obstructed the path to the open doors set before them because of a lack of and failure to move and grow from where they are right now. 

Perhaps you are one of the hundreds who has reaped and profited from the spiritual benefits of the spoken Word within the messages of Revelation Today for the Nations.  However, that Word has not come to fruition because you have received but have not given.  Giving initiates Divine Law of Cause/Effect and the Law of Attraction to release the manifestation of blessings from the spiritual realm into the natural realm.  The Word cannot be paid for, however, the Law of Prosperity, Success and Like for Like cannot be invoked to work on one's behalf as long as their hands have been closed to the Prophet and the Enlightened Ones. It is by your standard of measure that it will be measured to you in return.

Give  in the name of a Prophet and receive a Prophets reward.  Do not be as the masses wandering aimlessly  but press to enter in.  Begin your journey to spiritual success and enlightenment!     Now is your time! 

For a mere $48 per year, that’s  only $4.00 per month, you can become a Partner and continue to have access to  anointed messages and prophetic word in a monthly newsletter via e-mail.  You will have then also opened the door to bring you in the presence of the Prophetic Assembly to release into your life as Spirit speaks.

Thank you in advance for your Partnership and for your generous donations. 

In His Love & Truth.

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!

Apostle Rubie James

Apostle Rubie James


We do not charge for the Word but believe that it is one’s duty to show support and document their respect for Truth! 


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