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I Saw Another Strong Angel Coming Down From Heaven

He Had In His Hand A Little Book Which Was Open

Take The Little Book And Eat it!

We are in this together!  We are all a piece of this universal puzzle called Life!

When we come into enlightenment and Truth of who we are and our Life-Purpose the picture will then become visibly complete!

We have been given a 'VIEW" into the 'Administrations of the Mystery' which for ages has been hidden in god Consciousness, in order that the magnificence of Divine Wisdom might be made known to mankind.

We aim to bring all, whosoever will, to a place where their mind and spirit can tap into the Universal Divine Consciousness that one may not only have a 'view' of but the manifestations of these Mysteries in their life.

Our Partners

will receive powerful and anointed messages that will unlock the divine wisdom and godly character within.  

Our mission is to point and guide you into your Life-Purpose by breaking down the old mindsets that restricts growth and offer Keys to enlightenment on many subjects as Spirit reveals.

A new life awaits you!  Get the spiritual freedom you deserve—that is to grow into a more godly state.  Becoming more aware of the presence of the god within.

Our Work

We work unceasingly to proclaim Truth, to reach out to others who share our vision. Whether you’re willing to network,  support our mission, one of our functions or donate to our events or fundraisers, we welcome you to become a part of our team.

Outlook  us here.

We believe that there is no separation in the Divine Ancient Counsel,  the Divine Universal Beings many call GOD and Science--for GOD IS I AM THAT!  We are a part of the Universe--Spiritual beings in a physical body culpable to spiritual and natural laws.

We believe that Science is a product of the Divine Energy that surrounds us all of which It’s principles are Laws used to create and to continue creating for all of mankind in and through mankind. 

We are all able to pilot our own lives with Positive thinking.  A basic biblical Principle of which the esoteric value is often underestimated as to its spiritual, metaphysical and scientific profundity is: “As a (wo)man thinks within their heart so is (s)he”. Many other insightful Scriptures as well that would point one to a higher thought and totally transform the thought process to that of a "Christ"--Anointed One.  Many revelations have been uncovered as we have studied the great philosophical and spiritual minds of all times.  We believe that Truth comes from more than just the Bible or Scriptures but enlightened, awakened and anointed men and women appointed to uncover the Mysteries of the Kingdom  through not only Revelation of these historical records of Antiquity  but Divine Revelation for  today by tapping into Divine Universal Mind.

Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate of spirituality, theosophy, metaphysics, ontology, prophecy, philosophy Buddhism, Hinduism or new to the Shift of conscious energy of awareness and illumination through 'gnosis', we invite you to join us. We welcome the new!  We value enthusiasm from members and aspirants in Unity of Faith!

Thank you and we are pleased that you are visiting our site.

This is our on-line place where you can contact us to voice your concerns,

ask questions and  send us messages.

We thank you for your labors of love and generous sacrifices of support!

We are a members of The Galaxy Group.

Please go to the Special events page at: HIS Love & Truth to see other projects.

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