It is unfortunate the disasters and other anomalies occurring in Sierra Leon.  I extend  love, light compassion and empathy to my brothers and sisters.

Spirit says;  “When you return to worshiping the true G-D of your Ancestors then you will see a turn in events that will propel your Country towards Restoration . You have ignored the warnings of those who have been sent and continue in your foolish ways of abstinence, just as those before you whose deeds are now being revisited upon you. It is time for repentance, change your mindsets from that of your enemies and I AM will cause your enemies to bow before you.  The current situations you now face is from dark energy forces that you are in league with. I AM long to restore you and heal your land but you must first reconcile your differences and be reconciled to Me.  I AM your savior.  I AM your G-D besides me there is no one who will correct you and come to your rescue besides Me.  You have wandered far from Me just as your brothers to the North and I say to you now is the time for you to act otherwise I will come swiftly.

The Ancients of Days wait for you with open arms.  You must leave the folly of your invaders to recognize who and where your help come from.  This will be your final warning.  Repent and return to me otherwise your enemies will consume you as a swarm of locust in a plentiful field.  You have had your chance.  Your leaders have acted as instruments of evil.  Judgment will start with them, at the time, many will fall to their own devices of evil and negative to the darkness that My people now serve.  I AM long to take you under my wings to comfort you.  You look outside when your help is within. I AM have spoken and so it is.”

Given as received 6:55PM 27 August 2017  to Apostle Rubie James, aka, Nana Ama Yah Asantewaa

Hotep Light One Love!
Apostle Rubie James