The Spirit spoke to me saying:  "Who is he who thinks he can approve the Word of G-D and the Prophets with doctrines, traditions of men; their culture and religious doctrines?

Know you not that I have chosen the Prophets to release My Words and set the Mission aright?  Know you not that it is I who open doors and close doors?

You who have rejected Me, I will reject you.  You will forever remain in bondage to the Beast, in darkness and chaos. I AM your Deliverer.  I AM your Strong Tower! I AM your Peace!

Open your eyes that you might see and your heart that you may receive.  As in the days of the children in the wilderness so area you now.  I have sent My Prophets to set you free.  However, you rebel still thinking you are in the will for your life.

I will show mercy to those who are merciful and have insight.  Now is the acceptable time.  Now is the time to receive and be restored as my Chosen One’s.  Your minds have been filled with error and doubt.  I say to you this day repent.  Rid yourselves of those stony hearts and receive me.”

My Mission in Ghana and for the Nations is not to sell books but to “Build up a Body of Christ’” and to point them towards Restoration.  I have no other agenda…”Lo I come to do thy will O G-D”! ~Apostle Rubie James