No since in my hum hawing around.  Lets get straight to the point. The US will be forced to give up their Systems because they do not honor life neither do they honor the earth; Mother Gaia.  

The US is in denial.  They are a pervasive and perverse nation; the most controlled experiential society of tyranny on the face of the earth without the physical walls.  Dear US you have been given every opportunity yet have not come to the awareness that something is not right with your System.  You are afraid to give up your corrupt System that is no longer working. Your political systems as with your religious and economical Systems are designed to separate you and the people from your reality.  Once the people wake up and realize they are being manipulated by the elite, they will become angry.  Believe, light is overcoming the darkness and your primary tool used, frequency mind control to alter the masses consciousness through   movies, etc. that  introduces holographic inserts to alter thought perception, distorting  information and the perception of the peoples reality through dark portals; will be and is being revealed. 

You are already aware that your tyranny will not be controlled through Martial Law but through psychological manipulation of consciousness.

It is time to evolve!  The   Earth will go through whatever is necessary to evolve to a higher level of frequency that you have kept from the people to  control them and keep them from using the light of Innate to connect to their Higher self.

I do believe that it is time for the US, Europe and other countries who participated in and benefited from the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Raping of Africa to make amends through reparations.

This shift of spiritual energies of awareness and consciousness is also an indicator of the end of time of the rule of old energy. I also believe that those dark energies who were willing participants who enslaved nations of holy royal progeny of the Most High Creator must make restitution.  Reparations are a must!  Divine Law will prevail!  Even your scriptures, those same scriptures you used that said,”slave seek not to be free”; whereas you justified your forced servitude upon a blessed and chosen people; also said, “Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap”. 

I submit to you that the disasters that have come and will come is not because of CERN or HARP but the direct results of  your unrepentant nature for the part you all played in the slave trade.  The paths of disastrous anomalies that will come to each are following the same slave route that you established to transport the Chosen of the Most High Creator into your slave territories. Mark my words…


For those of you who insist that it was not us but your ancestors who were guilty; (Have a look at CERN and HARP) that same dark energy is what have produced within you deniability and an unrepentant volition against the Most High and Nature Herself.  Therefore, retribution is a must!  Reparations are your only redemption!

The calamities and current disasters are due to that dark consciousness that has prevailed until now.  Mother Earth will cleanse Herself and rid Herself of all that is out of vibrations with Her.  The earth will go through whatever necessary to evolve to a higher level.  This is the time of the end of dark energy. Surly, you need to repent and return to the Most High Creator.  The unrepentant ones will meet with unfavorable situations conjured up as a result of the dark energy they serve.  If there is any hope or help for the world today, it lies within the spirit that resides in each of us.  We all have been given a choice between light and darkness; to love or hate; to live or die.

Africans and those of Diaspora have been given a choice as well.  to continue to dwell in darkness serving your oppressors gods or return to the Way of the Ancients of Days that would restore you in power and might; that of which has been intentionally taken and kept from you.  This would bring you to Restoration, back to the Way of the Ancestors that were demonized to keep you in a dark religious System of bondage.  You too have offended and dishonored the Ancestors of whom you are a part of and carry their royal DNA.  Now is the time to come into the knowledge of and awaken to your grander or fall with the evil energy of darkness and chaos.


The Ancestors have guarded us as a rejected, dejected and obstinate people.  We have lost memory of who we are under the hand of our task masters through over 400 years of slavery.  We have no knowledge of our true history as we were forced into a way of life of disobedience that we chose rather than to maintain that Golden Thread of truth, knowledge, power and righteousness.  We sold our birthright for a bowl of soup and platter of groundnuts. We allowed our enemies to lord over us instead of us receiving our royal inheritance as gods.

I am not saying move to Africa.  Many of you have been so tainted and far removed from the Royal Family becoming a pimp for  the Great Whore.  You have become  so closed and doubled minded that what you  would contribute to the royal Nations is vile, evil and dishonors the Ancestors. All I AM saying is that you have a birthright.  You have been ingrained with Royal DNA that even their scientist knows about that holds all that you are.  They have called it junk DNA.  This is because they still cannot grasp the vision of the power of the Ancestors within you and refuse to acknowledge who you are.

Within this DNA, they call junk, are double helix's and unknown, rather unidentified nucleotides that would connect you to the Mysteries of Eternal Life, the Fountain of Youth; the power of the gods (more than I could ever explain). This is what they seek of which has been elusive to them.  This is why they contrived religion to not only keep you from recalling who you are and where you came from but to keep you powerless and under their control as they divert our attentions seeking for the Master Grid; the Cave of Creation of which they endlessly search for that they will never find.

Oh, I cannot explain it in any grand biological, scientific metaphysical terms for I AM just learning coming into the Light of who I AM.   I use to think that the elite were digging underground cities to save them from disasters but Spirit showed me differently.  

You see, I think outside the box, therefore Spirit reveals things to me to help me on my journey of restoration; to help me remember why I AM here on earth and to reconnect to my higher self.  I share hoping that others might see a glint of light and recognition to listen to their Innate to hear and be drawn into that inherent desire to become.   I just want my people to know that there is a higher better most holy powerful way. Blessed are they who find it.

What I do want to say is that you built the Americas and have sustained Her.  Although, She has never received you as Her own and rightfully so.  You are foreigners in a foreign land.  Yet,  you have failed to help free your brothers and sisters from their colonial slave masters.  We have allowed foreign entities to plunder and rape our Mother Land and you do nothing to help but bring their slave religion that keeps our brothers and sisters in bondage.  You are allowing your birthright, your birthplace; Zion to go to the highest bidder.

You awakened ones, release your light to Africa.  Release love and compassion to Her. This will help to restore Her. We need your love and light; the love and light that would dissolve the dark energies that hold Africa in a great divide.

(Also under the title 'Just Telling It Like It Is'  at Mind Depicts Truth originally posted 9/30/2017)

Hotep Light One Love!

Apostle Rubie James
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