“Tell My People That they must be able to receive through those of whom I AM have sent to deliver messages of hope that will bring change and bring them into their Life-Purpose.”

“The People of the earth must look past the personal characteristics of those who deliver Truth.  Their personal proclivities are allowed, their individuality has nothing to do with that of which I AM releasing through them.  It is through them that I AM will deliver many putting them on the path that will lead them into their Inheritance and Life-Purpose.”

“That of which is coming forth are not difficult Truths to understand or accept. These Words of old and have been misinterpreted and brought far from My intent.  My people must come up to the standard that has been set for them.  I AM  Holy  and I dwell on High in Holy places.  Would you have me to bow to those false gods that you have taken up with?  Would you have me roaming in the sludge’s of despair and fleshly bodies keeping many of you where you are now, in a bed of lies; in darkness and abandonment?  I would that you free yourselves from the bondages of the flesh to receive; to come into the heavenly realm where no flesh  dwells only pure Spirit, where your very thoughts turn into god thoughts and your very acts will adhere to the god within each of you.  My people, look within yourselves, this is where you will find Me.  Seek Me in high places and you will find Me.  In finding Me, you will find the I AM within.  Change your ways, change your hearts, and change your mindsets for they are of an obstinate people as in the days of Noah.    

Be not like Korah; but become like Joshua and   Caleb. The Land has already been spied out and been given to you for an inheritance; come into your Promised Land of Inheritance; there you will become as I AM.”

This is a re-post of a timely Word that is just as important today as it was given a few years ago...