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Governments & Religious Leaders

Posted by Apostle Rubie James on Sunday, May 21, 2017, In : PROPHECY FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS 

I had a most disturbing experience on one of the social Sites. I witnessed first hand two videos of pornography that was accidentally sent by a current high ranking government official. Or was it  an accident?

 In communicating my dismay regarding the videos, the Spirit spoke:

 "Calamities are and will come. Ghana have rejected those  who have been sent to bring them into light.  The army worm is only the beginning.

 IAM is going to bring all those dark secrets into the light. Watch an...

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Prophetic Word For the USA

Posted by Apostle Rubie James on Wednesday, November 16, 2016, In : PROPHECY FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS 

A Prophetic Word given September19, 2016 for the USA

"America, woe to you America judgment will come swiftly. You are murders of G-D's Chosen people. I Am will demand recompense for your sins. You are a vile people. You are a tool of destruction. Your time for restitution and recompense is now.

How, oh evil one do you think you can kill my people and I not react to your atrocities? You are corrupted, cancerous from head to toe. Your time for repentance has passed. Watch and see what ...

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