A week or so ago, I was given a Word for Ghana.  I will not pinpoint the words given in the message A New Word For Ghana or target any specific location as that was not given to me at that time.

However, for the past few days the Spirit has been dealing with and showing me physical changes in the coastal areas of Cape Coast, Ghana, in particular No Ola.  I believe that the most imminent  areas of concern are the entire West side along the Beach Front Road towards Elmina of which I am  believing extends towards the Cape Coast Castle.

The sea is roaring, revving itself up to exert its strength in cleansing power.  The Spirit said to me, today, "It's serious".  As a flood of emotions came over me that shook my soul/spirit to the core.  Tears of foreboding came over me, as the waves laid a carpet cleansing the sand before my footsteps as if  Mother Gaia wanted to console and assure me of what I must do. “It’s imminent.  You must warn the people.  Many will lose their lives. ‘It’ is being held back because of the righteous.”  The words began to flow so fast and my body began to quicken with each phrase that I knew  Spirit was giving me the jest of the matter to release with my understanding of all She was impressing in my mind.

It doesn’t take a soils expert, geologist or scientist to figure out that with the shift in the Magnetic Grid, the plates of the sea bed has shifted causing a new configuration in  the shorelines in addition to soil erosion and deterioration in the land mass surrounding it.

 In addition to the anomalies and disasters around the world, we cannot expect that Africa will not feel the effects of them.   Although I believed that Africa would be the last to experience devastation; I believe because of the pollution and trashing of the earth, land and sea;  they too will feel the effects of Mother Earth/Gaia cleansing and renewing Herself.


The spirit said,   “'they' are aware of what is happening”.  She pointed out a satellite tower and impressed upon me that this is how they know and monitor the activity. I have also seen  an environmental company move into the area that I believe will be affected by the events that will occur.  (Don’t know what that means, if anything.  Just to give you an indication that someone is well aware.)

Yawll can believe that this Magnetic Shift, no matter how slight it is, will have an effect on the entire multiverse, earth, land and sea.  You are not hearing about it  from the scientific world or NASA simply because they do not want people to panic.  They have denied that they have been monitoring Nirubi or even the existence of it, which to many, who dwells in dark energy, is a grave concern. However, there is a remedy, a spiritual one of which I and numerous channels have spoken of.

This shift in the magnetic poles has disturbed the earths tectonics Plates .  This recalibration of the  shift in humans and the earth includes not only the three Grids; the Magnetic Grid, the Crystalline Grid and the Grid of Life called Gaia;  it affects the entire magnetics of  human biology and soul/spirit.  

How can someone who is not a physicist, scientist, metaphysician, biologist, geologist even a meteorologist speak of such things?  Indeed, how could I, unless they have been revealed to me?

A translation of the words that I was given into human vernacular of our 3-D language.

In regards to West Africa's coastal areas, particularly North Ola.  I believe that if not a tidal wave or tsunami, that there will be flooding as a result of  the shift in the oceans platelets. Do not think that Africa do not have earthquake fault lines as well.  All these  are connected. 

In the word given in the above link A New Word For Ghana, Spirit said, that “there will be landslides and flooding due to the heavy ‘rains’ in low laying areas”.  I believe the word “rain”, I interpreted rightly but basic aspect of what Spirit was actually saying because of my limited knowledge and vocabulary of physics in the transition of the divine language, I perceived rain.  The word "rains" could  mean rain waters or water from the spray of a tsunami or from a tidel wave or it could mean both.

I believe that there will be great devastation that will wipe out the bulk of No Ola from the sea as well as landslides into the low lying areas; even to where I live.  I believe that the University of Cape Coast low lying areas will be affected along with the area of the Latter Day Saints church south eastward to Cape Coast Castle.  The vendors along the highway will be totally wiped out. I believe some buildings will be saved because of other buildings that surrounds them will serve as a buffer. Other buildings with debris will slide to shore up some buildings.  I also believe that some structures will be saved because of the righteous who lives in them.

Know Cape Coast and Ghana that you have and continue to break every Law of Nature.  You have maintained open sewers that drain into the sea and waterways.  You have allowed businesses and structures to be built with no running water, no flush toilets or properly connected sewers.  You throw your trash to the ground, pile it up then further pollute the air burning your trash. 

You waste electricity and make the people pay for your foolish waste.  You have failed to put sensors on street lighting that lights stay on well into the daylight.

You  have disrespected the righteous of the Most High G-D and have ignored words of warning. You have disrespected and dishonored the Ancestors. You have not made any attempt to repent but remain in the old dark energy of destruction, dishonesty, greed and chaos. You dishonor the earth.  Therefore, the earth will cleanse Herself from all filthiness and unrighteousness.

Those who have ears to hear, hear these words.  I am available for counsel as directed by spirit.

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