Spirit impress upon me and spoke these Words:

“My people have been asleep to the ways of the Divine One and have turned their ears  and eyes away from Truth.  They have walked the ways of foolishness and have allowed My Divine Way—the Anointing to pass them by because of their intolerance and judgmental attitudes toward my servants the Prophets to reject them and to speak ill of them.  Not knowing that it is I AM of whom they have ‘sinned’ against. 

Just as in the wilderness,  they came against my Servant Moses saying, Hasn’t the Lord Spoken to us?  And  they refused to obey My Words rather following their own minds and hearts. As a result they did not receive the Promise of entering into their Promised Land. 

My people today, many will not enter their Promised Land because of their unbelief and harden hearts of disobedience towards Me and My Laws. 

As a result of their falling asleep and not being watchful or cognizant of their surroundings, the enemy has stormed the camp, attacked the fortified walls and have taken the victory from many.

We have allowed the world and Hollywood to pollute the Way then we reject the man and woman who brings revelatory Truth thinking that what they bring is not of  or from the Divine Creator.

I pray that eyes and ears will be open to receive Truth from those chosen for such a time as this.

Many have misjudged and falsely judge the Prophets  for some of the dangest reasons!  He hurt my feelings.  She is a woman?  He’s Black. I do not understand how they talk and who uses those words?

There are two  true tests of a Prophet.  Those who have been positioned are they who have these Principles who can rightly judge if an individual is a true prophet or not.  Those tests are not only contained in the Scriptures but they are systematically laid out inside the pages of The Watchman-A study Guide How to Mature as a Prophet. 

May our eyes be enlightened to Truth. 

Hotep (Peace) One Love!

HLT Publishers

The Watchman

There is a revolution going on. Everyone has been talking about it! Everyone has predicted it! Many have asked for it! Now is the time to receive it! It is here and it is for you.  This SHIFT of godly consciousness and spiritual awareness is designed to draw all into ‘putting on the Mind of a Christ’ to walk in Christ Consciousness of the Christ Principles! 

The ‘shift’ has been revealed to the Prophets and Apostles. The effort of receiving and allowing Divine Spirit to work out the reality of the Revelation of the Mysteries of the Kingdom in your life lay directly with you and your ability to touch Spirit and to HEAR (Shamah: hear and obey) what Divine Spirit is releasing today for such a time as this!

The Question is: Will you hear or will you fall over backwards and continue stumbling on that perpetual roller coaster of waiting for Christ to return when the Christ has already returned and dwells within  in you?

      ISBN: 9789988-2-1000-7