People of the United States of America, Spirit says: 

“Paula Deen was just the beginningI will continue to search out those who have hated My people; to destroy their egos, placing them in a status where their only hope will be of Mine; to show them the way to freedom from their self-destructive ways.  I will no longer have mercy on them who ignore My Way, treat unfairly, unjustly the people.  All are Mine!  All are equal in My Sight.  I AM will cause the stony hearts of many to become as gelatin from these happenings.

I will cause many to see the error of their ways.  Many will repent and bring this Country to a state of leveling off that My Way and My People will become that peculiar treasure to me once again and I will lead many to be a formidable fortress of protection for those who come; for those who succumb to their own hearts desires.

Those who embrace Me and Truth, will become a Strong Tower for others to run.  Behold, I do a thing so awesome that many will recognize the error of their ways and come into Truth; into repentance.  I will cause a healing to come upon this Country that will save all from the wickedness that I proposed to do.

If they will repent and turn from their foolishness, I will cause it to rain showers of blessings that have not been seen.   Only as the people turn to that way that proclaims all are equal in My Site.  All were created in My Image.  There will not be a Country torn by division but a Country chosen to lead because My People reside in Her.

This Country will relent and be restored for the sake of those who believe; for the righteous. Let not one among you cast doubt to what I AM doing.  This thing is about to spread like a plague and many will know that I AM the Creator of all that is good, right and just.

How I have waited for you to turn from foolishness to bring you to the status I have promised. You have denied yourself much because of your  hardheartedness and unrelenting nature but I will cause you to rise as never before!” 

 A Word from The Watchman:

There is a revolution going on. Everyone has been talking about it! Everyone has predicted it! Many have asked for it! Now is the time to receive it! It is here and it is for you.  This SHIFT of godly consciousness and spiritual awareness is designed to draw all into ‘putting on the Mind of Christ’! 

The ‘shift’ has been revealed to the Prophets and Apostles. The effort of receiving and allowing Divine Holy Spirit to work out the reality of the Revelation of the Mysteries of the Kingdom in your life lay directly with you and your ability to touch Spirit and to HEAR (Shamah: hear and obey) what thus says the Lord of Hosts. 

The Question is: Will you hear or will you fall over backwards and continue stumbling on that perpetual roller coaster of waiting for Christ to return when the Christ is already in you?

Hotep (Peace) One Love!

Apostle Rubie James